Beyond Medicine

A Physician’s Revolutionary Prescription for Healing Yourself and Transforming Your Life

An 8-week, LIVE online course with Patricia Muehsam, MD

Pioneering physician, author, and founder of Transformational MedicineTM

Discover a path to health and well-being that is extraordinary
in its ease and profound in its results. A way to inner peace,
to heal yourself and your life.

Imagine being able to thrive in the most natural of ways. Ways that feel simple and easy for you.

Imagine feeling well in your body and at peace. Relationships that support and nourish you. Abundance materially and spiritually. And imagine that it all can come effortlessly.  

You can have it all. And it can come with ease.

In fact, thriving is your birthright. It’s your essential nature. It’s the way you were born to be.

But maybe that’s hard to wrap your head around. How could it be so simple? It just sounds too good to be true. Perhaps even like magical thinking.

Perhaps you’ve experienced the pain of dis-ease, or of living in an unwell body. Or you’ve been dealing with challenging life circumstances — stress around finances, stress around relationships. Perhaps something else.

If you’ve been dealing with a health issue, you’ve consulted with all sorts of practitioners — conventional, holistic, alternative, integrative. But no matter what you’ve tried, you’re still grappling with that health issue.

If you’ve been dealing with other challenges  — money matters, relationships, work, other of life’s “stuff” — you’ve sought inspiration from personal development gurus and contemporary spiritual teachers. While you’ve been inspired by many of those teachings, they haven’t taught you how to put principles into practice.

And maybe you’re exhausted, tired from all the struggling. Tired of chasing one healing practice after another. Of following gurus and seeking solutions — solutions outside of yourself that aren’t helping.

Perhaps you’re feeling discouraged, even depressed around it all, worried that things will never change.

Here’s why those solutions outside yourself aren’t working:

Conventional Western medicine, and even many alternative, holistic, and integrative approaches, fail to facilitate true healing. And while many personal development and contemporary spiritual teachers offer wisdom and inspiration, they just don’t offer practical tools for living the teachings.

True healing begins with you. And it’s simple and effortless.

True healing involves being, not doing. Surrender, not struggle.

True healing arises from a place of peace within. That place of peace is where you need to be for your body to get well, if it’s not.

That place of peace is where you need to be to navigate challenging situations in your life. It’s where you’ll find clarity and solutions.

True healing changes you and your life forever.

You can have it all. And it can come with ease.

Because you are the medicine. 

Your healer lies within. Your answers lie within. You’re the prescription for all that you’re needing in your life, no matter what’s going on, health-wise or otherwise.

In this transformational 8-week course, you’ll discover a revolutionary new way to feel well and to thrive in all the ways that matter to you. It’s simply a stop, a pause, and a breath away.


By the end of this course, you’ll discover:

  • That you are the medicine — your healer lies within, your answers lie within.
  • How to access your inner healer.
  • How to find your way to inner peace, speedily and easily.
  • How to facilitate bodily healing and how to transform challenging situations.
  • How truly effortless your way to well-being is — physically, emotionally, spiritually, and materially.

You will come to know your unlimited capacity to heal yourself and your life.

Because you are the medicine.

My Personal Story and My Invitation

When I was in my early twenties, I had a spiritual awakening of sorts, an awakening that unfortunately went awry. I started having psychic experiences – mind-boggling, paranormal stuff, like being able to move objects with my mind, know peoples’ thoughts, and foresee the future in waking visions and nighttime dreams.

Western medicine deemed me crazy, destined to be medicated for life. It’s a longer story than I have room for here – I detail it in my book Beyond Medicine if you’re curious to know more. Suffice to say, that was not to be. I healed through that experience, neither medicated nor crazy.

I’ve also borne witness to cures that defied conventional medical thinking. The most profound one was a personal one. My father, who was in his mid-60s at the time, had suffered a stroke many years earlier, when he was 49. The stroke had left him paralyzed on one side and unable to find the words he wanted to say. That cure returned his speech to normal.

These experiences forever changed me and everything I’d ever understood about life — about consciousness, time, space, medicine, health, illness, healing, and death.

I realized that what Western medicine held to be tried and true was otherwise, and that healing beyond the bounds of our conventional biomedical paradigm was possible.

I chose medicine as my calling. I went to medical school as a means to an end — not to work as a conventional physician, but rather, to teach people how to fully realize their potential for healing and transformation in their lives.

After my medical training, I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, Ayurveda, mind-body medicine, homeopathy, functional medicine, energy medicine, and yoga therapy. And I opened a medical practice.

Over the years since then, I’ve had more life-changing experiences. I’ve witnessed more cures that defied medical beliefs. I’ve been a patient quite a few times.

I lived for years in an unwell body. I had bouts of anxiety and depression. And I tried very hard to get better, to feel better. I tried many medicines — Western, alternative, holistic, integrative.

But none of that trying really helped me. My body still ailed. I still danced with worry and gloom. And I struggled in other areas of my life — with finances, with my relationships.

It was exhausting, all of this trying to get better. 

When I finally stopped with all of the trying, when I started to simply be present with what I was experiencing, moment to moment, things started to change. My health improved. My relationships healed. My money matters eased.

I came to understand just what true healing is. And that being, not doing, was where I first needed to be to change things. I learned that leaning in to all that is, being present with all that is, is our way to freedom from it

It’s not that we don’t ever take action. We don’t simply wait around for things to change. But things changing — whether you’re healing a health issue or transforming a challenging situation — arises from a place of peace. Peace mentally, emotionally, and physically.

From this place of peace healing happens. The body can’t heal otherwise.

From this place of peace, clarity, solutions, and effortless inspired action arise. We know what to do, without struggling to figure it out.

Inspired by my personal experiences, I founded Transformational MedicineTM. My mission is to teach people how to heal themselves and transform their lives. I offer health consultations, mind-body healing sessions, online and in person courses, and a community of support.

I invite you to travel with me beyond Western medicine, beyond mind-body medicine, beyond holistic and integrative medicine, beyond any medicine.

Because you are the medicine.


What Luminaries Are Saying About Dr. Trish’s Teachings

“Dr. Muehsam introduces you to a powerful healer with special abilities: you. She teaches that everyone has great healing abilities, just waiting to be tapped. Her warmth and authenticity will draw you in, inviting you to be your own healer, and guiding you along the way.”

Marci Shimoff

#1 NY Times Bestselling Author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

“Patricia Muehsam’s teachings are a treasure. We all can learn from her experience and wisdom. She will teach how to be in charge of your health and your life, to be your own medicine. And you’ll learn simple and effortless tools to do that. Dr. Muehsam’s approach will show you the way to experience true healing and inner peace.”

Bernie Siegel, MD

Retired Pediatric Surgeon, Bestselling Author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles and The Art of Healing

“Patricia Muehsam’s approach to health and healing may be the only one you will ever need. Like all truly great teachers, Muehsam has 'been there,' and this fact lends a powerful genuineness and authenticity to her work. If you are tired of chasing one healing practice after another, you will discover that health consists of being and surrender, not doing and struggling.”

Larry Dossey, MD

New York Times Bestselling Author of One Mind

“Patricia Muehsam has made astonishing discoveries about our virtually limitless capacities to determine our own state of wellness. Dr. Muehsam is the real deal, and her teachings are as important as anything in the world of health today.”

John David Mann

New York Times Bestselling Coauthor, Award-Winning The Go-Giver books


Here’s What You’ll Learn

Module 1

Home Sweet Home: Finding Your Way to Absolute Health and Inner Peace

In this first module, you will learn about Absolute Health and healing. You’ll also learn about the science of being, and why being, not doing, is the first step to healing yourself and transforming your life.

You will discover:

  • That all you will ever need for anything and everything that’s going on in your life — whether it’s a health issue, relationship difficulties, financial troubles or something else – it to first stop, pause, and just be.
  • That inner peace is your essential nature and it’s where you need to be for healing to happen and situations to shift, effortlessly.
  • How to experience inner peace in mere moments using the 5 Absolute Health tools.

Module 2

Your Healer Lies Within: Accessing Your Inner Medicines

In our second session, you will learn that your most potent and powerful healer lies within. You’ll learn about the Four Primary Medicines — your inner medicines for healing yourself and transforming your life.

Focusing on Food as Medicine, you will come to understand:

  • That there’s much dogma around what we “should” and “shouldn’t” eat within both conventional medical and holistic health communities.
  • That there are, in fact, no “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” and there’s no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition.
  • The best foods for you are unique to you and your unique constitution.
  • How what you’re thinking, how you’re feeling, and what you end up eating are intimately connected.
  • How to make food your medicine.

Module 3

How You Live: Making Lifestyle Your Medicine

In this module, you will learn that how we go about our day makes a difference — it can either keep us well and get us well, or make us sick and keep us sick. Lifestyle as a form of medicine is even more potent than a physician’s prescriptions. You will discover:

  • The elements of lifestyle medicine.
  • Why exercise isn’t necessarily the best lifestyle medicine.
  • Which elements of lifestyle medicine you’re needing to cultivate and how to make easy, gentle shifts to make lifestyle your medicine.

Module 4

How You Connect: Making Relationships and Community Your Medicine

In module 4, we will explore the potent role that relationships play in our lives, and the healing power of connection and community, and the science of how that’s so.

You’ll explore:

  • Whether the relationships and communities in your life are supporting and nourishing you.
  • How to feel better supported and nourished in your relationships with others.
  • Practical tools for communicating your needs and for making difficult conversations feel easy.

Module 5

What Moves You: Making Purpose Your Medicine

What moves us, what makes our hearts sing, what gives us cause to wake up in the morning and might keep us up past our bedtimes — that’s purpose. It’s our life force. It’s literally our reason for living.

In this module, you will discover:

  • The health-promoting and life-enhancing power of purpose.
  • How to connect with and cultivate your purpose.
  • How to figure out what your purpose is, if you’re not sure.


Module 6

Emotional Healing: Healing from the Inside Out

All healing is ultimately emotional healing. Our thoughts, feelings, and our physical bodies are intimately and instantaneously connected. Feeling feelings can help to heal us.

You will come to understand:

  • How suppressing or avoiding feelings can make us sick and keep us sick.
  • How feeling feelings — even difficult ones  — is health-promoting and life-enhancing.
  • The links between specific feelings and specific physical diseases and between emotions and physical pain.
  • The science of epigenetics and how we don’t necessarily inherit diseases, but rather tendencies, and that we can affect these tendencies with our minds and emotional healing.
  • Practical tools to cultivate self-awareness around emotions, to be present with feelings, to facilitate emotional healing.

Module 7

Sometimes We Need A Little Help: Healing Practices, Healing Practitioners, and Healing Partnerships

We all need a little help sometimes. Partnerships with healing practitioners can offer the help we’re needing. They guide us towards Absolute Health, that place where healing happens and clarity and solutions arise.

You will learn:

  • How healing practices work by helping you to access your inner healer.
  • About healing practices with shared themes: the mind-body connection; healing is individualized; focus on the person who has the symptoms or disease, not the symptoms or disease the person has.
  • How to explore healing practices for yourself.
  • How to identify the type of healing partnership that works best for you and how to cultivate that partnership.
  • How all health care approaches — Western medicine, alternative medicine, combinations of both — can offer you a way to healing.

Module 8

How To Make It Happen: Living the Teachings Beyond the Course

This final module is about applying all that you have learned into your daily life. We’ll review the key principles and tools, and you’ll develop your personal intention and plan for healing in those areas of your life that matter to you.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on where you’re needing to make shifts.
  • Learn how to make gentle shifts, easily and effortlessly.
  • Receive feedback and guidance on your intention and plan and how to put that plan into action.

You will be walked through every step of the process towards learning how to heal yourself and transform your life.

More Praise For Dr. Trish

“Dr. Muehsam is an expert guide who stands by us, lighting the way, offering clarity and solutions for feeling well, getting well, and living well. She cohesively brings together the different pieces of healing—food, lifestyle, relationships, purpose, and emotions—to help students go beyond medicine to create their own prescription for Absolute Health.”

Amy Scher

Mind-Body Medicine Expert, Author of Multiple Bestsellers

“Dr. Muehsam is the physician we have all been waiting for! Greater health and vitality are within us all. They always have been. She will help you to find your way with her gentle touch and accepting heart.”

Emily Francis

Health and Wellness Expert, Radio/TV Host, and Author

“Dr. Patricia Muehsam has created a comprehensive online program that provides you with the tools for a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life in an easy to follow format. I highly recommend this amazing transformational program from an extraordinary, thoughtful, well-studied, and experienced Integrative Physician, who walks her talk!!!

Jill Baron, MD

Integrative Functional Medicine, Author of Don’t Mess with Stress™, Castle Connolly/New York Magazine Top Doctor

“Dr. Muehsam goes where no other doctor has ever gone before. She makes a heroic journey through the delicate lines of the current Western medical world and the medical world at large and takes a deep dive into beliefs surrounding health and healing that are immeasurably helpful and insightful. Her course is sensational.”

Gary Ramsey

Alexander Technique Master Educator and Practitioner,  Author of Bliss: One Hero’s Journey


It's More Than A Course. It's A Community!

When you register for Beyond Medicine, an 8-week LIVE Online Course, you’ll become part of a vibrant community of like-minded individuals seeking simple solutions for healing and transformation in their lives.

In addition to learning from Dr. Trish, you’ll have the opportunity to interact online with both Dr. Trish and your fellow students through a private social network forum created exclusively for the participants in the course.

As part of each week’s teachings, you’ll be given practice exercises and invited to share your experiences and queries on the forum. Here you’ll receive inspiration not only from Dr. Trish but from your peers, too.

You’ll be learning from each other, supporting each other’s progress through the course. You’ll have the opportunity to partner with fellow participants to continue your practice and development during the course.

And the community will last forever – you’ll be able to stay connected with course participants for mutual support and inspiration after the 8-week course.

There’s no obligation to be part of the learning community, but know that it’s available to you, if you choose!

Here’s What You Will Receive

8 Weekly LIVE Interactive Group Teaching Sessions

Weekly live sessions with Dr. Trish that are also recorded for ongoing access and to make sure you don’t miss anything. Each session is 90 minutes long and begins with 45 minutes of teaching. Recordings will be posted if you can’t make a live session, and you will always have access to view them.

8 LIVE Group Coaching and Q&A Sessions

Dr. Trish has set this time specifically to answer your questions directly. These sessions will help you gain clarity and be more connected to the concepts of the course. The time is allotted during the last 30-45 minutes of the weekly session. Recordings will be posted and you’ll always have access to view them.

Access to Beyond Medicine’s Custom-Designed, Private and Interactive Course Website

You’ll have access to all of the course materials and resources including videos, recordings, practices and reflection questions via our private, customized Course Website, This allows you to easily go back and reference the materials and videos throughout the course.

Weekly Practices and Reflection Questions For Each Course Session

Within each module you will be introduced to tools to practice throughout the week to deepen your understanding of the content and to put the teachings into practice. You’ll also be questions to reflect upon. These will be posted in our private communication group and open for discussion amongst all course participants.

Private Online Discussion Group for You and Other Course participants

This will be your home for all ongoing community connections with your peers in the course during AND after the program. It’s a place to share ideas and resources and stay connected for practical and moral support. This is a private group and is by invitation only for Beyond Medicine course participants.

Course Bonuses

Instant Registration Bonus: Expires 24 Hours From Live Event

Mind-Body Healing Session with Dr. Trish
This gifted session for early registration participants will be scheduled during the program. Whatever is going on in your life, whether it’s a health issue or something else, Dr. Trish will guide you in mind-body medicine and energy medicine exercises to help you to experience Absolute Health, that place where healing happens and clarity and solutions reside.

Early Bird Registration Bonus: Expires at midnight, Pacific Time on March 16

Teaching Video: On Healing. Dr. Trish explains just what healing is and what it isn’t. And how healing is always possible, no matter what’s going on, whether it’s a health issue or a challenging situation. She offers a guided exercise, a mind-body sensing process, to experience the teachings firsthand.

Dr. Trish’s groundbreaking book Beyond Medicine: A Physician’s Revolutionary Prescription for Achieving Absolute Healing and Finding Inner Peace

The course draws from the teachings of Beyond Medicine, and in the book you’ll find a treasure trove of practical exercise and do-it-yourself tools. Having a copy handy will be a useful resource as you move through the course.

How To Heal Yourself e-book Series

Dr. Trish’s e-books offer teachings and tools for putting the principles of her Beyond Medicine course into practice. You’ll learn about food as your first primary medicine, emotional healing, the connections between feelings and physical pain, the healing power of forgiveness, and how to find your way to well-being in just 7 days and 3 minutes a day.

Guided Audios of the 5 Absolute Health Tools

These guided audios of the 5 Absolute Health Tools will bring you to a place of inner peace, quite swiftly, in just minutes. They will change your mind, they will change your brain, they will change your body. You’ll be in the place you need to be for healing to happen and for clarity and solutions to arise, effortlessly. Each audio is just 6 to 7 minutes in duration.

Video Interview Series Healing Cancer: Freedom From Fear

With Gary Ramsey, Author, Cancer Survivor and Thriver, who healed himself of a “terminal” cancer diagnosis. This 4-video series is a conversation with Dr. Trish and Gary after his healing from a cancer diagnosis that was deemed incurable. Learn how Gary healed himself, and how finding freedom from fear is our path to liberation and healing.

Graduate Reunion and Connection Session

Dr. Trish will offer a graduate follow-up video conference call 4 - 6 weeks after the course to review and check in with participants. You’ll receive support for putting the teachings of the course into practice, have the opportunity to reconnect and share with others, and find inspiration and practical suggestions for continuing to live the teachings beyond the course.

Register Now

Here’s a summary of what the 8-week course includes:

  • 8 weekly LIVE, Interactive Group Teaching Sessions
  • 8 LIVE Group Coaching and Q&A Sessions
  • Private Course Website
  • Private Online Social Sharing & Discussion Community
  • Weekly Practices and Reflection Questions
  • Downloadable Course Materials
  • Video Recordings of All Sessions
  • Dr. Trish's book Beyond Medicine
  • How to Heal Yourself e-book series
  • Guided Audios of the 5 Absolute Health Tools
  • Healing Cancer: Freedom From Fear 4-Part Video Series
  • Graduate Reunion and Connection Session

Course begins Tuesday, March 28th for 8 weeks 11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern / 7:00 pm GMT


Can’t make it live? No worries!

Video and audio recordings of all sessions will be available for download and streaming.

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About Dr. Trish

Patricia A. Muehsam, MD, a pioneer in the synthesis of science, holistic health, and contemporary spirituality, has distinguished herself as a practitioner, educator, research scientist, and author. 

Dr. Muehsam has been an influential force in shaping the landscape of healthcare options available today. As a thought leader, along with physician-colleagues Deepak Chopra and Larry Dossey, Muehsam forged new ground that led to the establishment of the Office of Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health, now the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. 

As an educator, she founded the Association of American Medical Colleges’ first initiative in alternative and complementary medicine, leading medical schools throughout the United States to add courses in the field. Her original bioelectromagnetics laboratory research at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine investigated distant healer phenomena, Qigong, and homeopathy. Since then, she has studied trance medium, spiritual, and psychic healing phenomena, as well as the links between consciousness and health.

Dr. Muehsam has also been a patient, many times over. She’s experienced catastrophic illness in her family and in her own life. And she’s born witness to cures that defied conventional medical thinking.

Inspired by her personal experiences, she pursued training in acupuncture, homeopathy, Ayurveda, mindbody medicine, yoga, energy medicine, and functional medicine, and in 2008, she founded Transformational MedicineTM, a whole person approach to healing, wellness, and living. Her services include health consultations, mind-body healing sessions, courses, retreats, and communities of support.

Muehsam’s groundbreaking book, Beyond Medicine: A Physician’s Revolutionary Prescription for Achieving Absolute Health and Finding Inner Peace, has been hailed by  Larry Dossey, MD as the “only health and healing book you may ever need.”

A musician since early childhood, Dr. Muehsam plays piano, flute, and sings. Nowadays, she mostly sings — jazz, gospel, and classical choral music. She resides in New York City with Benjamin, her adopted Golden Retriever and very wise spiritual advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any questions not answered here please contact me at: [email protected].